Nature’s Edge, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation* founded in 2003 to promote environmental conservation through the medium of photography.

The organization builds aesthetic, scientific and educational initiatives that lead to an increased awareness of the need to protect the environment, a furtherance of knowledge about the natural world, and the development of future environmentalists. Its activities occur primarily in the places where the photos are taken. 

Activities that support this organizing principle are:

  • Producing photographs that depict flora and fauna, particularly that which is endemic;

  • Providing photographic materials to scientists who are performing research;
  • Exhibiting photographs in venues accessible to the public;
  • Producing photographic and other materials to support conservation initiatives; and
  • Participating in educational activities to provide experiences through photography for young people.


To learn more please see the Projects page.


*Qualified as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization as of March 25, 2003. 

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