Nature’s Edge, Inc. is a nonprofit organization formed to promote conservation through the use of photography. Incorporated in 2003, it is active in countries in Latin America and the United States in the areas of education, scientific research and the arts. 

The organization builds aesthetic, scientific and educational initiatives that lead to an increased awareness of the need to protect the environment, a furtherance of knowledge about the natural world, and the development of future environmentalists.  Its activities occur primarily in the places where the photos are taken.

Activities that support this organizing principle are:

  • Producing photographs that depict flora and fauna, particularly that which is endemic;
  • Exhibiting photographs in venues accessible to the public, with an eye towards illustrating the incredible beauty of microfauna to create awareness and appreciation of the environment;
  • Creating educational models to provide experiences through photography for young people;
  • Providing photographic materials to scientists who are performing research; and
  • Producing support materials in other media to reinforce the photographic activities (eg, websites, written materials).

Laura Watson

I use my art to support environmental conservation and scientific research.  My objective is to open new worlds for people, to show them the amazing diversity of the plant and animal kingdom, and to instill in them a desire to protect the earth and its unique inhabitants.

I specialize in photographing insects, arachnids, reptiles and amphibians. I want people to see these gorgeous forms hidden in plain sight to motivate them to protect them before these amazing beings are lost forever.

I also work in architectural photography and have documented the ancient monasteries of Egypt. I am currently working in aerial photography, photographing natural areas across the United States that are under threat. I am a licensed pilot.


Santiago Carreira Vidal

As a herpetologist and photographer, I am involved with different organizations in Uruguay, working mainly with natural history and the systematics of amphibians and reptiles. I also provide advice on conservation and the management of amphibians and reptiles for different private organizations. I am connected to different international nature and herpetology organizations. I collaborate as a photographer and serve on the scientific advisory board of Nature’s Edge. 

Como herpetólogo y fotógrafo estoy vinculado con diferentes organizaciones en Uruguay, trabajando principalmente en historia natural y sistemática de los anfibios y reptiles. Al mismo tiempo brindo asesoramiento en conservación y manejo de anfibios y reptiles para diferentes organizaciones privadas. También estoy vinculado a diferentes organizaciones internacionales.  Colaboro como fotógrafo y también brindo mis opiniones como miembro de la junta asesora científico de Nature’s Edge.

Andrew Button

Button supports our efforts as a pilot. He loves all things outside, particularly hiking, running or biking trails. He lives in Maine with his small family and dreams of ocean sailing.

Joe Foss

Joe is a member of the Board of Directors for Nature’s Edge. He is also a pilot, photographer and tech support for the company.

Board of Directors

Susan Singer

I am a problem solver and an idea person.  Finding a creative way to solve a problem is what I do. 

It’s in my DNA.

Before Field Trip Factory (FTF), I spent 7 years as a Creative Director for McDonald’s agency of record, Frankel and Company. My team at Frankel was primarily responsible for launching new products for McDonald’s throughout the U.S. and Canada. At Frankel, my team also launched new products for  Citibank-CitiOne Card (first ever debit card) and Quaker Oats, Kraft and Kellogg’s. 

After a successful stint at Frankel and Company, I was invited to help create an integrated marketing division for Leo Burnett, another agency of record for McDonald’s and one of the leading brand building agencies in the world. At Burnett, I had the opportunity to work along side many of the world’s top marketers as they launched new products and defined brand marketing.

After a lot of consulting and a few startup projects, I focused my energy on FTF.

FTF became a multimillion dollar, international company in just 15 years. FTF was a simple idea. It utilized the community as a classroom. National retailers like Petco, Walmart, Ahold USA, Chase, Michael’s, and others, hosted educational field trips in their retail locations. They built awareness for their brands while teaching valuable life skill lessons to school-aged children. 

It’s been a wild and fun ride and it ain’t over yet.

Sophie Twichell

My passion is the natural world and connecting people to its wonders. I am the President and CEO of the National Recreation Foundation, a private charitable foundation focused on creating opportunities for all youth to get active and outdoors. This work is critical for cultivating a connection to nature in our young people.

Previously, I served as the executive director of Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods for over ten years. We identified which segments of the community were not users of public open space and launched a series of successful programs to engage these populations with the outdoors, thereby affording access to the myriad of health benefits derived from time in nature. Prior to that, I managed international conservation programs for The Field Museum in Chicago.

I am active in my community, and am a member of the Lake County Health Department’s Live Well Lake County Steering Committee and the Village of Lake Bluff’s Sustainability Committee, in addition to the Woman’s Board of the Chicago Horticultural Society. I am currently the First Vice President of the Garden Club of America’s National Affairs & Legislation Committee.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, gardening and birdwatching with family and friends.

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